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shakespeare-club-history-book-jacketI’m particularly pleased to announce the publication of The Story of the Shakespeare Club of Stratford-upon-Avon 1824-2016, which I have researched and written with Susan Brock. It’s far more than just the history of the Club, telling the story of how Stratford became the worldwide centre of Shakespeare performance and celebration, and focusing on the people who achieved it. Click on the link to find out more.

Listening to the Audience now contains links to a series of clips of audio recordings I’ve made on several productions of Hamlet as a first step in my project to gather memories of Shakespeare in performance.

The Online Resources page contains information about some of my favourite Shakespeare websites, and you’ll find information about me, including projects I’ve been involved in, on the About Me pages.

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16 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Delighted to have found this excellent blog. Wishing you a very happy New Year, and keep up the good work!

  2. Suzanne Keyte says:

    Hi Sylvia,
    In your blog Remembering the days of Empire: The Shakespeare Memorial National Theatre Ball, 1911, 27 October 2014, you have a picture of a completely different event that happened at the Royal Albert Hall.
    We had an event called The Shakespearean Show, in aid of the Chelsea Hospital for Women, 28-30 May 1884 in which they built a little village in the middle of the Hall featuring Anne Hathaway’s cottage and Stratford Church. It raised a lot of money for charity and I would be happy to give you more information about it.
    Thank you and great blog.

  3. Deborah Selden says:

    I loved the blog on stage armor. You might be interested to know that the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario, Canada also has an in-house armory that produces armor and weapons for its theatre. It does fabulous work – as does their costume shop.

  4. Rob Williams says:

    I’m researching the boy in this article, along with other Harbury casualties from the Great War, and although I can’t be 100 % sure if this is the same Malcom Gordon Bland in your blog a lot of the facts match. At the time of his death he was registered as living at Greenhill Farm, Harbury and is commemorated on the war memorial in the village. Can I ask where you sourced the picture of him from and if you have any others of him or that include him?

    • Sylvia Morris says:

      These details sound correct for Malcolm Bland. I did quite a lot of work tying up loose ends as you’ll have seen in the post. His mother left Leamington after she was widowed which is why he is mentioned on the memorial in the village.

  5. Tony French says:

    Am following FutureLearn ‘Shakespeare & his World’ course, following your mention several weeks ago. Thank you! And 2 others booked. [BTW, I wonder if it would help to have most recent comments at the top – if that’s an option.] Regards – T

  6. Saurabh says:

    Love reading your blog, it’s fantastic resource for studying and understanding Shakespeare. Would love to contribute in it.

  7. Wolkowski says:

    New title available from Amazon.com catalog:
    William Shakespeare: the spirit and the letter.
    Best regards
    Sorbonne universites upmc

  8. Wolkowski says:

    A graphic study of quote from Richard ll, act 3, scene 3, verse 16 to 17, in all 24
    Official languages of the EU, will be presented at the Shakespeare Conference in Paris,
    January 2018. To expand it into a global and unique event,
    Please add your translation in other languages to 2009zww@gmail.com.
    Thank you. Best regards, Wolkowski, Sorbonne Universites Upmc.

  9. hello Sylvia, Geoff Tristram here! The 400th anniversary Shakespeare oil painting that I created will be auctioned at Fielding’s, Stourbridge on the 2nd of september. Catalogues available later this month. Thank you for helping promote the picture back in 2016, and would you mind letting as many people as you can know about the auction. Fielding’s is owned by Will farmer of the BBC Antiques Roadshow, a lovely chap!
    Love and best wishes, Geoff x

  10. natalie says:

    Hi Sylvia,
    Wonderful blog. I especially loved reading about Emilia Lanier and the way the focus shifted from her in regards to Shakespeare, to her in regards to herself. I have just released an album of songs I wrote using Shakespeare’s words as well as a music video of a song from the Tempest. I’d love to hear your thoughts! http://nataliesmith.bandcamp.com/album/then-sing-him-home

  11. Alan Somerset says:

    Dear Sylvia,
    Your lovely and sensitive essay on Wordsworth, Shakespeare, spring and Stratford really was a comfort during these times of affliction and worry. The pictures were a real inspiration to hope for greenery, beauty and better times. I circulated your blog (with credit to you as author) to the members of the Literary Committee of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, and I have received a number of appreciative responses from members.
    Love and best wishes to you both – stay safe!!
    Alan Somerset

    • Sylvia Morris says:

      Alan how lovely to hear from you. I hope you are well and keeping safe yourself. Stratford really is looking beautiful now and I’m glad to hear your local Arts and Letters Club have enjoyed the blog post. Nature is providing much comfort to us all right now. All the very best, Sylvia

  12. Stanley says:

    I love your determination of the past 10 years. I only recently found you, but you already have enough resources to keep us busy for a long time.
    I do not see an update for January ’21, so I hope everything is fine.
    I hope I see a new post soon. Thanks a lot!

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