Shakespeare in Education: a new blog for the BSA

I’ve been working on launching a new blog, Shakespeare in Education, on behalf of the BSA’s Education network. I wrote a few weeks ago about the British Shakespeare Association’s Lancaster Conference, and since then education specialist James Stredder and I have been workingfinalising the blog which is now live.

It’s hoped that this will become a forum for discussion for members of the BSA as well as anyone else who takes an interest in education at any level. My own area is in resources, particularly theatre archives, and their use for education and informal learning of all kinds. I’ve taken a great interest in  understanding how theatre works, why particular decisions are made, and the input of many creative people that builds towards each unique production of a Shakespeare play for many years. Studying theatre archives such as photographs or posters can also offer a way in to Shakespeare’s plays for students who struggle with Shakespeare on the page.

Do take a look at the new site. It isn’t just for professional teachers: the free sample online issue of the new journal Teaching Shakespeare includes an interview with voice coach Cicely Berry. And if that isn’t enough, one of the posts on the site makes some unexpected connections between Shakespeare and Lady Gaga.

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