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Shakespeare and the Pre-Raphaelites

In the mid nineteenth-century a group of young artists joined together with the aim of challenging the practices of the Royal Academy, wishing to paint serious subjects using the art of the middle ages and great works of literature as … Continue reading

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Shakespeare: fighting history

This summer Tate Britain is mounting an exhibition entitled Fighting History, on the subject of history painting, a rather unfashionable and neglected genre.   From Ancient Rome to recent political upheavals, Fighting History looks at how artists have transformed significant events into … Continue reading

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Art Everywhere: Shakespeare’s Ophelia

For the next ten days, until 25 August, copies of 57 British works of art will be displayed in thousands of locations in the UK: at bus stops, billboards and shopping centres. It’s billed as the world’s largest art show. … Continue reading

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Macbeth: what happens next?

So what does happen after the end of Macbeth? For Shakespeare, needing a politically-acceptable conclusion, the answer was straightforward, Malcolm filling the vacuum left by the death of the tyrant and his queen.  David Greig, in his new play Dunsinane, has … Continue reading

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